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Face Cups Set

R 518
Bellabaci Face Cup Set 
Self Treatment - Facial Cupping Therapy at Home

Give yourself facial massages to deeply stimulate your skin to boost radiance, improve blood circulation, and reveal that younger healthy glowing skin you've always craved. Get a set of two facial massage cups that use suction to deeply massage your facial skin with amazing results for your skin and facial tone.
  • It comes in two materials as its best to start off with a softer cup and move on to a harder one once you have adjusted – you get both cups in this set.
  • Releases the stress of the day from your facial nerves and muscles
  • Made with Medical Grade non-toxic Silicone
  • Approved by Beauty Without Cruelty

This cupping massage therapy is a professional result driven and non-invasive solution for anti-aging. The Bellabaci System can address fine lines and wrinkles, target those unwanted eye bags and dark circles, lift those sagging areas such as your cheeks and jowls and remodel your double-chin.  A professional treatment in your home - without breaking the bank. 


  • Set of 2
  • H: 8cm x W: 8.5cm  x D: 5cm 

How to use the Face Cup

Using the wisdom of ancient treatments, combined with a modern twist, you can now be your own anti-ageing therapist, achieving professional results where it matters.

  • Follow the instructions on the box and keep the cup moving to avoid getting a cup kiss (a red mark from the suction - one of those kisses you would rather avoid!)
  • Keep your cup hygienic by washing it with soap after each use
  • You can introduce the harder cup after you have been using the soft one for at least 6 weeks
  • You need to use a lubricant to help the cup glide over your skin – you skin becomes very permeable when you do this massage so using a non-toxic product that is also amazingly nurturing for your skin is a good idea – that’s what the Bellabaci Skin Get  a Life Genie is all about (does not include Skin get a Life Genie)
  • Why not gift someone you love with some Genie healing, along with some cups to kiss their face better?


  • Do not use if you have a serious meducal condition or over broken skin or wounds. See the contraindications of cupping HERE.

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