Silky Touch Skin Pack Cotton Pads

R 150

Cosrx Silky Touch Skin Pack Cotton Pads (1 bag / 80 pieces)

Soft and absorb beautifully - A better alternative to traditional cotton pads. 

Cosrx's Silky Touch Cotton Pads are perfectly designed for make-your-own sheet mask, aka toner masking. With toner masking, you can use just a small amount of product to saturate a pad and easily treat a targeted area. Each silky soft sheet, which comes perforated to easily split in two, is made of a pulp and rayon blend that doesn't pill or rip, and effectively transfers its absorbed liquid back onto the skin. Cotton is also great for everyday use to swipe on toner and essence after cleansing.


  • Optimized for toner sheet mask
    Fluffy , sponge-like cotton pad moisturizes the skin even with a small amount of toner. Great for using as a toner sheet mask since it sticks perfectly well on to your skin.
  • Cotton pad with soft, silky texture
    This ultimate gentle cotton pad touches your skin softly like silk without causing any irritation. Doesn't create any lint when patting, wiping or using as a toner sheet mask. Lovely to use, soft, absorbent and doesn’t have a film or hairs coming off of it when you use it with liquid like cotton balls or other cotton pads.
  • Use separately depending on the situation
    Tear the cotton pad along the incision line to use as two separate sheets at once depending on your situation.



  • Use 2-3 pumps of toner or other liquid products and wipe your face gently.

Toner Sheet Masking

  • Separate the sheet along the incision line and soak the pad with a toner.
  • Place the cotton pads on your cheeks and use as at toner sheet masks.


Pulp, Cosmetic-use Rayon

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