Mela Touch On Ampoule - Anti-pigmentation serum

R 1,200
THESERA Mela Touch On Ampoule (50ml)
Vitamin ampoule for hyperpigmentation.
Vita PHA, Daily Mild Brightening Night Care


Korean SPA treatment for dark marks management -  Brightening, Vitamin Ampoule - 2 natural PHA and 5 powerful brightening ingredients(antioxidants) brighten dull and dark marks to the inside at once.

Ideal for:

  • Normal skin
  • Sensitive and dry skin,
  • Pigment spots,
  • Anti-aging

1. Skin tone care with Vitamin Infused with 5 vitamins and vitamin tree water, brightens skin tone avoiding cell’s aging and oxidation.
  • Vitamin Tree Water: Effective for skin soothing and good for sensitive skin, including various skin active ingredient 
  •  Vitamin C: Powerful antioxidant removes free radical, prevents wrinkles, controls melanin production
  • Vitamin Q(Ubiquinone): Removes free radical with renowned antioxidant
  • Vitamin B5(Panthenol): Promotes collagen production to regenerate damaged skin and prevent moisture loss
    Vitamin G(Glutathione): King of vitamin. Blocks the process of melanin production
    Vitamin E(Tocopherol): Anti-aging vitamin that helps rapid recovery from aging due to oxidative damage
  • Vitamin G(Glutathione): King of vitamin. Blocks the process of melanin production

2. Skin texture & moisture care with PHA
Naturally derived PHA cares dead skin cells and skin texture
without irritation.

  • Gluconolactone: Brilliant for removing dead skin cells, improves moisture retaining ability
  • and improves skin elasticity and helps pore tightening
  • Lactobionic acid: Naturally derived PHA from milk sugar which helps dissolving dead skin
  • cells and excellence in moisturizing as it pulls water
  • Use every night
  • Apply the right amount along with the skin texture and absorb.

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